1. cosmicshortcut:

    So for Easter I made Karen a basket with avocados painted like eggs.

    Have you ever tried to paint avocados? It’s hard

  2. Check out my pale-ass legs. Lol also, check out how clear the water is

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  5. cosmicshortcut:

    This is what failure looks like 👽

    The best detail of this photo is Debbie in the back

  6. cosmicshortcut:

    It felt like summer today.

  7. cosmicshortcut:


    My two best friends

  9. Daffodils

  10. cosmicshortcut:

    I didn’t drop in. Pathetic

    The photo doesn’t show it, but this bowl is SUPER deep! I was too intimidated. 

  11. cosmicshortcut:

    I did drop in. 😎

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  13. cosmicshortcut:

    *poop emoji with sunglasses*

  14. cosmicshortcut:

    Everyone and their mom has posted a picture like this, but I wanted to post mine too.


  15. Applying for graduation is kinda weird.