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    I smell

  2. My brothers and I have been leaving creepy McDonald’s happy meals around the house.
    1. Super Villain With Quintessential Cat - mine
    2. Sensual Meal- brothers
    3. McScar Face- mine

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    Waterfalls and abandoned houses #canyoufindmarion

  4. Sloppy

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    Yesterday Marion and I had fun running around a deserted summer camp! #canyoufindmarion?

  7. Made another piece of shit

  8. More of the same!!

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    πŸ™ Rip in peace, Jay πŸ™ πŸ“·: Glen E. Friedman, 1978

    It’s a sad day in skateboarding. Although I have never met him, I will miss Jay very much.Β 

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    I had a LOT of stupid falls today, but my socks were supportive. 😎 #cheerup

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    πŸ‘ŒMarion killed it during our skate date!πŸ‘Œ


  12. Back to 2 books.

    Hopefully I can finish them before the semester begins


  13. Back to 3 books

    But I am super close to finishing the new one! Wish me luck! Summer is ending soon!Β 

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    My new favorite shirt! All I need is a De Lorean!

  15. My favorite mini in the whole world!

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